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Everyone has an artist inside!


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Michelle is currently working as a full-time artist in Melbourne, Australia

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Michelle in the studio

About me…

Hi! I’m Michelle

I guess you could say I’m a ‘Jack-Of-All-Trades’…  I would describe myself first and foremost as an artist.  I’m a solo-preneur, an avid traveler, a senior trainer for Tony Robbins, a wife to Shane (a very handsome & interesting man), a mom to three fabulous young men (each very different and accomplished in their own right), the only sister to 3 awesome brothers, and a daughter to parents whom I adore… 

I’m crazy about our “daughters”; our cat, Maeby and our dog, Dixie and I love to watch college football ( #GoGamecocks ) even when I’m in Australia.  You’ll often find country music playing at my studio (unless I’m listening to the soundtrack of Hamilton…)

Painting brings me joy.  It makes me feel congruent and authentic.  It helps me process life and release stress.  It helps me grow… It helps me to stretch myself and to progress… 

It keeps me outside of my comfort zone while nurturing my soul. 

But most importantly, painting gets me out of my head in INTO FLOW! And that’s why I’ve created this course.