CTA with course offerrings

Have Your Ever Wanted To Paint? But, didn't know where to begin?


1.) It's More Than A Painting »

ANYTHING you want to build or create starts with a foundation…  This is where it all begins.  Learn the basics; including how to set up your space, pick your subject matter, purchase your supplies, understand value and learn color theory. You’ll paint along with me, step-by-step to create a painting you’re proud of.   (get more details here)

2.) Expressionistic Nudes »

The human form is a beautiful thing…  Learn the basics of anatomy and combine it with expressionistic techniques; such a working with palette knives and unique, unconventional tools.  (Release dates TBA soon…)   

3.) Abstracted & UnBound »

This course is designed for those who want to convey emotion exclusively through shapes, color and movement.  A willingness to experiment, make mistakes and go with the flow is all that’s needed for this class…  That, plus a commitment to be brave and bold.   (Release dates TBA soon…)